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Enjoy the colorful scenery of Norway
Enjoy the colorful scenery of Norway

Optional Excursions

The following list of optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These optional excursions might or might not be available. Whether it's a special dinner, a local show or a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into an historical site, optional excursions are a wonderful way to enrich your vacation even further. Plus, they give you flexibility. We include the must-see sites and experiences, and we also understand that people take interest in different activities and may want to craft a more personal vacation by hand-picking optional excursions that appeal to them.

Availability is subject to sufficient participation, weather conditions, seasonal suitability, days of operation, group interests, and general feasibility for your vacation. The approximate value listed gives you a good, general idea of what you can expect to pay but may vary once you are on your vacation. Some information provided might be in a foreign currency; to get an estimated price, use a currency converter for exchange rate information (pricing may vary at the time of booking).

Sami Experience As the title says, this is really an experience not to be missed during your short stay in Rovaniemi. You will be escorted from the hotel to the river bank to board traditional wooden riverboats for a short cruise lasting about half an hour. On arrival at the riverbank of the farm you will be met by a "ceremony man" dressed in Lapp costume who will accompany you to the reindeer farm. There you will be able to see the reindeers, take souvenir photos and generally look around this fascinating farm. The visit will then proceed with an Artic Circle ceremony, when everybody will receive a personalised Artic Circle ceremony certificate, followed by lasso throwing. At the end of this lovely afternoon you will be taken inside one of the big log houses for coffee or tea with traditional Lapp pastry. Then its time to retrace your steps back to the hotel in Rovaniemi.

Approximate value: €60 EUR per person

Traditional Lapp Dinner Delight in a traditional Lapp dinner which will take place just outside Rovaniemi, in a "kota-hut" restaurant, which is a wooden hut with a central open fireplace. In this unique atmosphere the staff are dressed in traditional "sami" costumes and whilst listening to Lappish background music you can enjoy a really traditional Lapp meal, perhaps sampling things you have never eaten before!

Approximate value: €45 EUR per person

Museum & Rock Carvings A trip back to the prehistoric ages not to be missed. On a guided tour you will see the only prehistoric "cultural property" in Norway, placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in December 1985. The first carvings were found here in autumn 1973 and it is estimated that about 6000 have been so far recognised. The rock carvings were made by hunters and fishermen in the late Stone Age/Early Metal Age between 6200 and 2000 years ago and they provide information about the environment and resources of this population. The carvings also depict people, boats, hunting, trapping and fishing scenes as well as people taking part in dances and ritual acts.

Approximate value: €28 EUR per person

Narvik City Sightseeing Narvik is so much more than just beautiful nature. It was the first industrial community in Northern Norway which expanded with the construction of the Ofoten Railway. The unique culture of the town centre was, and still is, influenced by Swedish navvies and British engineers. On this sightseeing tour with a local guide you will hear about Narvik's history, past and present, and also visit LKAB's terminal.

Approximate value: €25 EUR per person

Fjord Cruise Whilst staying in this beautiful region of Geiranger don't miss the opportunity to take a cruise and experience the magnificient Geirangerfjord with its water falls and abandoned fjord farms. You will be taken right up to the waterfalls and whilst cruising you can listen to the stories of life once upon a time on the fjord farms. There is a small shop on board the boat where you can purchase snacks, drinks and freshly baked waffles.

Approximate value: €30 EUR per person

Traditional Norwegian Dinner Enjoy most spectacular views over Oslo as we take you to a restaurant which is located on Oslo's rooftop! Miles from the noise of the city but yet so very near! Here you can sample delicious local specialities with a choice of main course plus drinks. It could happen that on some occasions, particularly during the summer months, a different restaurant will be used but you will still be offered typical Norwegian specialities.

Approximate value: €60 EUR per person

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