Circle the American West (8160) - 2014

15 days from Denver to Denver

Circle the American West
Lake Powell, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona
Lake Powell, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona
Gorgeous Lake Powell in Utah
Bryce Canyon National Park in southwestern Utah
Monument Valley in southern Utah
Mesa Verde features a number of ruins built by the ancient Pueblo people
Arches National Park in Utah
Mesa Verde National Park
Zion National Park located near Springdale, Utah
The strange shaped hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park

Optional Excursions

The following list of optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These optional excursions might or might not be available. Whether it's a special dinner, a local show or a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into an historical site, optional excursions are a wonderful way to enrich your vacation even further. Plus, they give you flexibility. We include the must-see sites and experiences, and we also understand that people take interest in different activities and may want to craft a more personal vacation by hand-picking optional excursions that appeal to them.

Availability is subject to sufficient participation, weather conditions, seasonal suitability, days of operation, group interests, and general feasibility for your vacation. The approximate value listed gives you a good, general idea of what you can expect to pay but may vary once you are on your vacation. Some information provided might be in a foreign currency; you can use our online currency converter for exchange rate information.

Canyonlands By Night After an hour of the Cowboy-style Dutch Oven Dinner, guests will load the flat bottomed boat and head up river with a knowledgeable guide at the front of the boat pointing out things of interest and igniting imaginations. Once dark, the formal part of the evening begins with 40,000 watts of natural light illuminating the canyon wall. Using lights, shadows, music and narration, stories about the formations, creation and history of the area based on the early settlers of the area. The Catholic Conquistadores, Native Americans and Mormon Pioneers come to life on the canyon walls. The old time Sound and Light Show is a unique experience and a great end to your day! (Approximately 2.5 hours)

Approximate value: $69 USD per person

Wine Cruise with Dinner Step aboard your evening cruise with a glass of wine and cruise up river. Two thousand foot cliffs will surround you in the 1 and a half hour cruise. As you float back to the dock you'll enjoy live Native American entertainment. Once you return; a delicious dinner will be waiting. Total time for the jetboat and dinner is 2 and a half hours. Two drinks are included on the tour (beer, wine, soft drinks).

Approximate value: $89 USD per person

Eco-Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Flightseeing This experience will be a highlight of your vacation. Fly over the widest and deepest portion of the Grand Canyon. You will see the amazing views of the Dragon Corridor, Colorado River and other geologic features and formations over a billion years old. If you have ever wanted to see the Grand Canyon from a birds eye view this is the trip for you. Fly in our first class state of the art ECO-Star helicopter with specially designed windows and seating for 180 degrees of virtually unobstructed views. This is a comfortable, climate controlled helicopter with quiet ride technology for a more comfortable Grand Canyon helicopter tour experience. Grab your camera and enjoy this spectacular journey to the Grand Canyon. (30 minute flight) Flights are subject to favorable weather conditions. Rate includes a prime time supplement.

Flights operate daily between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.
Approximate value: $233 USD per person

Grand Canyon Helicopter Flightseeing - North Canyon Tour Explore impressive Dragon Corridor, the deepest and widest part of the Canyon, and one of the most remarkable panoramas of the Grand Canyon. The Tower of Ra, a 6,076-foot butte named in the 1800s after the Egyptian sun god, comes into view, as do other fanciful rock formations resembling temples and shrines. Fly in a comfortable, climate controlled helicopter with specially designed windows for optimum viewing. (30 minute) Subject to favorable weather conditions.

Flights operate daily between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.
Approximate value: $199 USD per person

Grand Canyon Imax Fly like a condor over the rim and into the Canyon, be drenched in the power of the raging Colorado River without ever leaving your seat at the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center. And relive the history and mystery of one of the most storied natural wonders of the world. From the mysterious Anasazi who inhabited the Canyon 4,000 years ago, viewers at The National Geographic Visitor Center will travel through Grand Canyon history to join Major John Wesley Powell as he challenges the unexplored Canyon and raging Colorado River in 1869. (40 minute multimedia presentation)

Approximate value: $14 USD per person

Bar D Chuckwagon Supper The Bar D Wranglers perform their Famous Stage Show after supper with songs of cowboys and the old west, comedy, and lively instrumentals to please the whole family.

Approximate value: $24 USD per person

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