Jewels of Slovenia & Croatia (6740) - 2015 / 2016

8 Day Tour from Ljubljana to Ljubljana

Jewels of Slovenia & Croatia
The Croatian National Theatre building in Zagreb
The Croatian National Theatre building in Zagreb
Stroll along the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia
The Plitvice Lakes consist of sixteen lakes connected by beautiful waterfalls
The original Bridge of Mostar was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian-Herzegovian War and has since been rebuilt
Walk through the historic streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Optional Excursions

The following list of optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These optional excursions might or might not be available. Whether it's a special dinner, a local show or a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into an historical site, optional excursions are a wonderful way to enrich your vacation even further. Plus, they give you flexibility. We include the must-see sites and experiences, and we also understand that people take interest in different activities and may want to craft a more personal vacation by hand-picking optional excursions that appeal to them.

Availability is subject to sufficient participation, weather conditions, seasonal suitability, days of operation, group interests, and general feasibility for your vacation. The approximate value listed gives you a good, general idea of what you can expect to pay but may vary once you are on your vacation. Some information provided might be in a foreign currency; to get an estimated price, use a currency converter for exchange rate information (pricing may vary at the time of booking).

Croatian Evening Enjoy a typical and unique evening with music and dinner in a small Croatian village just outside Dubrovnik. When you arrive you will be greeted by your hosts in a traditional costumes and dancing the traditional dance "Lindo". After tasting local brandy you will be given the opportunity to prepare smoked bacon on laurel branches. As a main course you will be served homemade meat and potatoes cooked under the bell together with salad - all picked from the host's garden. Included also is wine and water. The rest of the evening will be passed in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere where all you have to think about is enjoying yourself and having fun.

Approximate value: €40 EUR per person

Konavle Bus Excursion This afternoon's excursion will take you to the Konavle region in the south of Croatia. After leaving Dubrovnik area you will pass through the beautiful region called Zupa Dubrovacka with its small villages to enter the wine region, Konavle. There will be a short stop in the touristic resort of Cavtat to see the Church of St. Nikolas, the Franciscan Monastery and lots of small, romantic beaches. The next stop on this interesting afternoon will be at an old mill in the mountains where you will be shown how the family living there reconstructed the old mill: with the power of water from a small local river they are still producing floor to make homemade bread. The family will greet you in local regional costume and offer you brandy and dried figs. Later see how national costumes are made and enjoy a snack before returning to Dubrovnik.

Approximate value: €40 EUR per person

Slovenian Evening An unforgettable evening out to a restaurant in the centre of Ljubljana to enjoy a show with live Slovenian music and a folklore show with costumes and dances from different regions of Slovenia. Experience genuine Slovenian hospitality first with a traditional welcome by a folk dance group in costumes who serve you dried fruits. Then sit back and relax and sample excellent traditional food and delicious Slovenian wine. If you want you can participate in some amusing traditional dances and games.

Approximate value: €42 EUR per person

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