Scenic Switzerland by Train (6010) - 2015 / 2016

9 Day Tour from Zürich to Zürich

Scenic Switzerland by Train
Lake Geneva stretches along Switzerland's southern border with France and is the largest lake in Europe
Lake Geneva stretches along Switzerlands southern border with France and is the largest lake in Europe
Lucerne, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland
The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland at night
The alphorns are used as a form of communication in the mountains of Switzerland
View Switzerlands most famous landmark, the majestic Matterhorn
The Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland
A majestic hillside set against the Swiss Alps

Optional Excursions

The following list of optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These optional excursions might or might not be available. Whether it's a special dinner, a local show or a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into an historical site, optional excursions are a wonderful way to enrich your vacation even further. Plus, they give you flexibility. We include the must-see sites and experiences, and we also understand that people take interest in different activities and may want to craft a more personal vacation by hand-picking optional excursions that appeal to them.

Availability is subject to sufficient participation, weather conditions, seasonal suitability, days of operation, group interests, and general feasibility for your vacation. The approximate value listed gives you a good, general idea of what you can expect to pay but may vary once you are on your vacation. Some information provided might be in a foreign currency; to get an estimated price, use a currency converter for exchange rate information (pricing may vary at the time of booking).

Boat Trip An hour's guided cruise on the most beautiful lake in Switzerland gives you an introduction to this lovely city from a completely different aspect. With its many bays, it offers superb panoramas of the surrounding landscape. The cruise is operated on a comfortable private covered boat and a commentary will be given by one of the crew who will explain the history of all the enchanting villages and you will learn some interesting stories of the Swiss History.

Approximate value: €30 EUR per person

Swiss Folklore Evening & Dinner Contrary to belief, not all Swiss can yodel or blow the alp horn, but those you will see are real experts. At the Stadtkeller Restaurant, located in the old town of Lucerne, they will entertain you with merry melodies on the accordion and traditional dances whilst you enjoy a delicious meal and sample the Swiss Cheese Fondue.

Approximate value: €75 EUR per person

Train & Lunch on Harder Kulm Leaving Interlaken which is a famous resort, you can reach, by funicular, the Harder Kulm from where you can view the Bernese Oberland, The Eiger, the Monch, the Junfrau and the lakes of Brienz and Thun. A nice lunch will be served to you before your descent back to Interlaken.

Approximate value: €50 EUR per person

Boat Ride To Chillon & Visit Enjoy a short cruise on Lake Geneva. Stop for a visit to Chillon Castle, built on a rocky islet. The picturesque site lies on the lakeside, within sight of Montreux, the French shore and the Alps. The first fortress was built in the 9th century to guard the road from Avenches to Italy.

Approximate value: €25 EUR per person

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