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When you travel with us, you're never really alone.

Why do you travel? To relax, to get away from it all or to learn about other cultures, explore new countries and experience different traditions? Regardless of your reasons, one thing is certain: While you're away, exploring the world, you're bound to discover new things about yourself too. And that fact couldn't be truer when traveling on your own.

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When you travel with us, you're never really alone. In short, we act as your companion, helping you see and experience everything you want to and nothing you don't, with no strings attached.

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Solo travel is about setting your own terms and not worrying about anyone else's needs. It's your time to please no one but yourself. Traveling alone doesn't just push you out of your comfort zone; it gives you carte blanche to indulge your interests and passions, and get to know yourself in new and exciting ways.

Single travel means there is no compromise on what to see, where to eat, and what time to leave. When your schedule is your own, you are in charge to do exactly what you want. You don't have to appease anyone, or worry that you are boring someone when lingering at a museum or strolling through the plaza. You can experience the world without someone else's agenda influencing your trip.

This all means that the discovery of travel as a solo can be a much deeper experience - if well-planned, that is. In a world where money buys so many material things, traveling alone allows you the chance to invest in yourself and purchase an experience that enriches your mind and your soul.

One of the best reasons to travel alone is to make your trip all about you. That means it's also up to you to make the most of your trip. Here are a few tips to help you truly enjoy your experience.

Why Travel Solo?

Push yourself out of your comfort zone - Smile and talk to people. It's sure way to meet new friends, boost your confidence and learn about the town or city you are visiting.

Do as the locals do - Get up early to visit the local markets in Paris or take advantage of the siesta to rest up for late night dining and dancing in Rio.

Talk to strangers - Locals love to talk about their home and usually love to give you their opinions on the best places to eat, areas for shopping and sites to see. Chances are the locals can offer you insight into the hidden gems in each destination such as parks, restaurants off-the-beaten-path hot spots for a truly authentic experience.

Eat well - Don't let the thought of eating alone in a restaurant keep you from enjoying the local cuisine and restaurants. A book, journal, or eBook reader can be your best companion. Consider a seat at the counter or bar where it is easier to strike up a conversation with the regulars, the bartender or other single diners. For more privacy, find a restaurant with booths. Cafés, bistros and outdoor dining are also great options for single travelers. Also, consider trying out the street food or visit the local farmers market for a picnic in the park.

Download the free Solo Traveler Guide and get more tips for flying "solo," best destinations for solo travelers, suggestions on how to protect yourself and stay safe while away, and much, much more...

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