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Contact Information While You are Traveling

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday 6 AM - 5 PM (EST) use the following to contact Globus family of brands Customer Care.

If your flight is cancelled and you have not yet checked in or arrived at the airport
  • Contact your travel agent or Globus family of brands' Customer Care (800) 221-0090

If your flight is cancelled or delayed and you have checked in or you are at the airport
  • Work with the airline staff at the airport. If there is a line, it is suggested that you also call the airline directly as this may be a quicker alternative.
  • Many airlines will also alert you of flight irregularities via their mobile app or the email you may have provided. You may be able to rebook your flights through the airline’s mobile app. New boarding passes will need to be obtained.
  • If you are not receiving any assistance from the airline, call (877) 333-3920 and we may be able to assist
  • Once you have your new flights confirmed, call the Guest Resolution Department at (877) 333-3920 with your new itinerary so we are able to update tour operations

Outside of the normal business hours listed above, please contact one of our partners.

Delayed, en route, for the start of your vacation.

* Please note that this service is only if you are to be delayed in arriving to the start of your vacation.

  • Contact our partner, Live Travel, at the following number, depending on your current location.
    • Calling from within the United States or Canada (800) 336-8628
    • Calling from outside the United States or Canada (817) 826-7004
  • Provide Live Travel with the following information, all of which can be found in your eDocuments or any of the emails about your vacation that we have sent.
    • Tour/Cruise Code and Departure Date
    • Six Digit Reference Number

Lost baggage, medical issues, passport/visa issues or any other issues not related to flights.
  • Contact our Carefree Assistance provider at the following.
    • Calling from within the United States, Toll Free (877) 303-5909
    • Call Collect (516) 342-4594
    • Email at

Your flights/tickets issued from globus family of brands – 7 days a week, 6pm – 5am EST
  • Contact Globus Afterhours Air Support for the following;
    • Cancel a partially flown trip
    • Reissue tickets following isolation
    • Request an upgrade or a trip extension
    • Book and ticket a new flight
  • Call Afterhours Air Support at (800) 308-8586