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Let Cosmos Open the Door 

The world keeps turning – don’t miss incredible, budget-friendly ways to turn your travel dreams into reality. With budget-friendly tours, Cosmos delivers you adventure you can’t afford to miss! It’s time to break away without breaking the bank – you’ll be richer for the experience!


  • Talk to a vacation planner – Cosmos affordable tour enthusiasts
  • Learn more about Cosmos and its history
  • Get insights into the places you have pinned on your inspiration board


    Dream Vacation:
    New Zealand

    What is your favorite part of being a Vacation Planner?
    Sharing the excitement and anticipation of guests who are looking forward to new adventures. It makes my day to hear about their trip when they return home.  


    Dream Vacation:

    What is your favorite part of being a Vacation Planner?
    Getting to know our guests and their travel dreams to find the perfect vacation for them. I love hearing all about their experiences, sometimes with an email photo or postcard!


    Dream Vacation:

    What is your favorite part of being a Vacation Planner?
    Helping to make vacation plans simple and easy to understand. I love taking the pressure off our guests to create stress-free vacations that go beyond their expectations.


    Dream Vacation:

    What is your favorite part of being a Vacation Planner?
    Hearing about our guests’ past travel experiences to give them the best ideas for where to travel next. I feel like I really get to know people by sharing our travel stories. 


    Dream Vacation:

    What is your favorite part of being a Vacation Planner?
    What could be better than talking about travel all day? The best part is listening to our guests and making it easy, so they can just look forward to their vacation. 


    Dream Vacation:

    What is your favorite part of being a Vacation Planner?
    Hearing the excitement in our guests’ voices when the plans all come together. I truly enjoy putting all the pieces together for the best vacation experience.

Vacation Planning Made Easy

When you choose to tour with Cosmos, you don’t have to wait to begin your vacation. Our approach is that a happy and care-free tour starts with your very first contact with us and extends through to your welcome home. Our Vacation Planners have in-depth knowledge about touring and they’ll help you imagine your journey back to travel.

Personalized Planning

Which vacation is right for you? What are the best options to add pre or post nights? We are happy to review all options with you to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of your travels.

Flights anyone?

Cosmos offers a wide range of flight options to get you from here to there—from a huge range of carriers, seating selection and preferred pricing from our airline partners. And we’ll ensure your flight schedule is perfectly coordinated with your tour. Best of all, when you book your flights with us, we include complimentary airport transfers at your destination to get you from airport to your overnight hotel, starting with a warm greeting from our Airport Hosts who can’t wait to see you.

We’ll Protect Your Trip

We offer Trip Protection for your vacation, an option that helps secure your vacation investment, complete with cancel for any reason coverage. We’ll also prepare for a healthy and safe tour, including our Pre-Trip Health Guidelines and Instructions.

Extra, Extra!

Need help with any extra touches? How about pre-paying gratuities? Care to consider a premium seat on your flight? Maybe celebrating a special occasion with us? Or even special accommodations we need to consider for your trip. We’re happy to help.

In the Know and Ready to Go

From the moment you book your tour with us, we’ll provide helpful communication to you leading up to your departure date to make sure you’re in the know about what to expect for your vacation and how to make the most of it. This includes complimentary access to your CosmosGO App, personalized to you and your specific tour. We go to great lengths to ensure the time leading up to your tour is as carefree as the vacation itself.

We love to Hear from You

We’re here live 12 hours a day, 6 days per week and we’d love to hear from you. Our Vacation Planners are accessible, eager to connect, and love to spend as much time as you need to ensure you’re at-ease and ready to go. Call, email or chat. No question is too big or too little, and because you’re calling the ones who put the whole thing together, we’ll always get you the answer. Whether you’d like work with just one Vacation Planner or all of us, we’re here for you.