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Tours Are a One-Stop Shop.

The true traveler wants to get to their destination and go. Time figuring out transportation, accommodations, and logistics is time away from the locals, legends, and landscapes. A tour is like a master key that opens every door, easily unlocking the essential elements of a vacation for you. Cosmos includes pre-selected hotels, guided city sightseeing, a dynamic assortment of transportation, and select meals to fuel your curiosity and quests.

Tours Take the Wheel. 

Complicated transfers, train schedules, and taxi services in foreign cities can be a nerve-wracking experience. A tour arranges your essential transportation – from motorcoach to rail, air, and boat – and includes it in the package price, so that getting to all of your dream destinations is easy, laid-back, and part of the fun. Many of Cosmos’ state-of-the-art motorcoaches even feature free Wi-Fi.

Tours Laugh at Long Lines.

No one travels to wait in lines. A tour not only includes pre-planned and pre-purchased visits to the iconic sights, but also leverages its connections with other travel operators to quickly get you to the other side of the ropes. While independent travelers may have to wait in line up to six hours during peak travel times at the must-see sights, Cosmos travelers skip the lines, snap more pics, and move on to the next sight on their bucket lists.

Tours Balance the Views with the “Do’s.”

A tour is much more than “on your left” and “on your right.” Tours maximize your sightseeing so you have plenty of time to pursue your own interests while traveling. If your dream is to tango in Buenos Aires, sketch the narrow alleys of Prague, or snorkel off of Kauai, you’ll have the leisure to do so. Cosmos tours feature longer stays in key cities so that you can listen, learn, and truly immerse yourself in the local culture.

Tours Go with a Pro.

It’s not just the places that make a journey incredible, it’s also the people. Escorted tours include Tour Directors and Local Guides – knowledgeable locals who know the legends and logistics of your destination. Expert guides and storytellers, Cosmos Tour Directors share the tales that bring the sights and scenes to life – and advise you on the best ways to experience your destination on your own.

Cosmos Tours Offer More Bang for Your Buck, Yen, or Euro.

A tour negotiates convenient hotels, essential transportation, the must-see attractions, and some meals–and rolls them all into one affordable package. With buying power that individual travelers simply don’t have, value-minded Cosmos tours can save you up to 40% compared to purchasing all of these components on your own. In fact, Cosmos offers perfectly planned and amazingly affordable itineraries to Europe, North America, South America, and Northern Africa. Adventure isn’t just knocking – it’s ringing a bell with savvy travelers around the globe!