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Your Neighbors Are Knocking. The Really Cool Ones. 

The peaks of Denali. The depths of the Grand Canyon. The cascades of Niagara Falls. North America’s most riveting sights aren’t just knocking at your door—they’re calling, “Come out and play!” Consider yourself personally invited to lace up your boots and frolic in the footsteps of North America’s greatest explorers, not to mention its most influential pilgrims, pioneers, patriots, and presidents. From historic hamlets to sensational cities and national parks to international fare, true discovery abounds in every direction. With Cosmos, you don’t have to cross oceans to stroll down storied cobblestone avenues (Hello, Boston!), have an old-world European experience (Bonjour, Montreal!), or immerse yourself in unique cultures (Howdy, Nashville!). With our affordable North America tours, you can get your kicks on Route 66, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and down the dreamy Pacific Coast Highway. It’s time to grab your shades and sense of adventure and simply step outside. Whether you head to Canada, California, Yellowstone, or the Yukon—you’ve never seen a backyard party like this. 

North American Dreams

Explore the continent where people from all over the world came to explore, dream, and create in the New World. Examine the cultures of the Native people and the indigenous traditions we learn from today. Discover the historic innovators, explorers, creators, and life in today’s wild frontier. Come discover the people, places, and things that make dreams come to life across North America.

The Call of the Wild

The mountains are calling and I must go—as are the canyons, rivers, and seas of North America. Find yourself in the epic wild places from sea to shining sea and from Canada to California and Kamloops to Kauai. Pack your hiking boots, snorkel, and binoculars to discover a new frontier and the fantastic wildlife who call North America home.

Take a Road Trip to Europe 

Why hop across “The Pond” when you can hop on the road to experience Europe in your own back yard? Dunk a Danish by a windmill in Solvang, California. Unplug and go Dutch in the Amish Country of Pennsylvania. Say ‘Oui’ to French baguettes and brie in Quebec. Follow the breadcrumbs of San Francisco sourdough where the Spanish Mission Trail leads to Carmel’s storybook cottages a la Hansel & Gretel. Or say, can you see why Thomas Jefferson was reminded of Paris along the streets and riverbanks of Washington, DC? These and many more European experiences are just a hop, skip, and a grape stomp away in North America!

Adventure is Knocking.

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Adventure is Knocking.

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