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How far can your budget take you? This far.

Have you dreamed of standing before the sheer opulence of the Taj Mahal, inside the royal splendor of Bangkok’s Grand Palace, or atop the world’s tallest building in Dubai but felt your hopes fade out of sight faster than a Kyoto bullet train? Cosmos has taken a flying roundhouse kick to the obstacle of cost so you can affordably experience the iconic sights, mystic cultures and rich traditions of Asia. Across India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, we open the ornate doors to the grand pagodas and pavilions, the understated doors to the Zen-inspired teahouses, and the secret tucked-away doors to the tastiest noodle and sushi bars. Whether you’re slurping up noodles in Siem Reap or slipping into kimono in Tokyo, our affordable vacation packages to Asia let you drink in the pulsating city scenes, the calming, wide-open landscapes, and the soothing hot Chais and sakes from Delhi to Kyoto.

The Artistry of Asia

For all the ways Asia awakens the senses, its visual treasures will remain in your mind’s eye for years to come—from the quiet hues of sleepy green fields to the vibrant vendors’ palettes in city markets and blooming shades of nature.  

Scoop & Swirl Away

Spices are the spice of life on Asian and Middle Eastern tables. Scoop, swirl, and slurp your way through the day with unexpected flavors and unforgettable dining experiences.

Yōkoso. Hoan Nghênh. Svaagat He.

The Warm Welcomes of Asia

Meet the gracious and warm people of Asia on a Cosmos tour. From the tea houses of Japan to the cheerful market vendors of Cambodia, you'll notice a graceful feeling that translates into a welcoming spirit for all who visit. Tap into the serenity of India, the gracious smiles of Singapore, and the joyful laughter of school children in Vietnam.  Hear the words that say, "We're glad you're here" in the friendly faces you'll meet along the way.  

Adventure is Knocking.

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